Essential Safety Tips for Garage Doors

garage-door-safetySomething that can be overlooked so many times in many homes is not only the regular maintenance of garage doors, but the overall safety of them as well. This is a factor that can be unfortunate due to the fact that approximately over 30,000 individuals are injured every year in incidents related to garage doors, some of which can result in death.

Personally, installing a garage door in my first home caused me to slip off a ladder and literally fall on my head. I fractured a vertebrae in my neck and suffered a ruptured┬ádisc. It wasn’t until 3 surgeries and years of wearing a home cervical traction device that I started to not notice the pain.

Want to have to use one of these because you wanted to install a garage door yourself?


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So, take it from me, if you’re considering installing or performing regular maintenance on a garage door (which is generally done every year), these are processes that are best completed by a pro┬árather than attempting the job yourself.

Here are some general tips to make note of regarding garage doors that will help to keep you and your family safe.


As previously stated, the installation of a garage door is something that should always be completed by a professional. Many times, homeowners (especially non-coordinated ones such as myself) will try to complete the jobs on their own in an attempt to save money, only to find that they will have to contact a professional anyway when they discover just how difficult the process actually is. Additionally, if you were to install the door incorrectly, you run the risk of becoming injured, as well as causing the door itself to operate in a faulty manner.


Professionals should be contacted for two reasons when it comes to garage doors: installations and repairs. While there can be the instance of a faulty garage door operating if you try to install it yourself, the exact same exact risk also exists if you attempt to make any repairs on your own. While contacting a professional to make any necessary repairs is generally the best option to take, it can also be more cost-effective at times to outright purchase a brand new door.


It’s important to always take the opportunity to test your garage door on a regular basis in order to ensure that it’s working properly. There are a wide variety of doors that come with motion sensors, which are designed to detect objects that are underneath the door itself. Whenever any object is detected, the door will not be able to close, which is important due to the fact that it will prevent all sorts of accidents from taking place, such as small children accidentally getting crushed. The best way to test the door’s sensors is to simply slide a piece of wood under it, then close it. If the sensors are working properly, the piece of wood will be detected and the door will not close.

safety-releaseEmergency Release

Another aspect of importance regarding garage doors is the emergency release feature, more specifically how to use it. In the event that something occurs with the door and you need to manually open it, the emergency release will need to be activated in order for this to happen. One great example of this would be if someone were to accidentally become pinned underneath the door.

Garage Door Opener

Under no circumstances should any children be permitted to go anywhere near any part of the garage door’s operating features. All buttons should be installed at a decent enough height that will not enable children to be able to reach them. Furthermore, parents should take the time to teach their children about basic garage door safety.

Electric Wires

It’s important to keep in mind that all garage doors are powered by electric wires, which can obviously cause a great deal of injury. This makes it even more important to always hire a professional to complete any and all installations and repairs because if you make even one wrong move, not only can you potentially injure yourself, but you could also injure someone else in your home. Additionally, be extra careful around the spring that is designed to control how the door itself moves, as this spring is heavy and has the ability to cause a great deal of injury and/or death in the event that it pops off. If this spring does pop off, never attempt to repair it on your own.

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