Building a Kids Bunk Bed

Let’s face it… any kid would love to have a bunk bed in their room. I still remember when my dad built my brother and I our first bunk bed. It was nothing fancy but to us kids, it was the coolest thing. Bunk beds are actually quite easy to build although a bit time consuming. If you decide to do the job yourself, then you can save quite a bit of money. For a very inexpensive way to please your kids all you need is a few basic tools and pinewood. Using pinewood would make the bunk very durable, solid and safe.

bunk-bed-safetyIt’s important to remember that the top portions of bunk beds should not be used by very young kids. It should be reserved for those at least 4 years old. Younger kids can be on the bottom. My grandkids are 5 and 3 so obviously, the younger one will be on the bottom. He still loves sleeping in his favorite toddler sleep sack so it’s much safer if he’s on the bottom. BTW, if you’re looking for one, I’ve been told that Woolino makes the best toddler sleep bag.

Materials and Tools Needed

  • 6/4″ pine
  • scrap wood
  • 4×4 pine
  • 1×2 pine
  • 1×4 pine
  • plywood
  • screws
  • table saw
  • miter saw
  • circular saw
  • router
  • pencil
  • chisel
  • jigsaw
  • flush cut router bit
  • drill
  • drill bit
  • screwdriver
  • measuring tape
  • safety glasses

Instructions For Building A Kid’s Bunk Bed

  1. All boards must be sanded smooth with power sander.
  2. Four 2x6s must be cut down to 39 inches.
  3. You can use the same blade to cut 8 2x6s down to 78 inches.
  4. The 2x6s should be glued and screwed together.
  5. The box should be placed on the plywood so you can trace outline with pencil.
  6. The plywood should be cut to the size of traced box.
  7. The plywood piece should be glued and screwed to the bottom of the box. Now the mattress should fit in the box.
  8. The lower bunk is ready to be set up. Spaced four feet apart, place the 4×4 pieces of wood on the floor. Make a line and this will give you the lower mounting point for the box.
  9. The mattress box should be placed so that it is even with the line. It should be 18 inches from the ends.
  10. Now the points for attaching the lower bunk must be set up. Using the line as a guide, drill 2 3/8 inch holes in the 2x6s and in the 4x4s making sure not to come through the other side.
  11. The drill hole must be counter synced to 3/4 of an inch. Use the 3/4 inch spade bit.
  12. Glue and screw lag bolts into holes using socket and ratchet. Do this on both sides of the box.
  13. Place other 2×6 mattress box 12 inches from top of 4x4s. Attach the box same way as the lower box.
  14. Place legs in place. 4x4s should be placed on the ground 4 feet apart. Flip edges of box over on 4x4s. Glue and screw legs to bed.
  15. Stand the bunk upright. Lift the bed onto its 4×4 legs.
  16. Stabilize the bed, attach 6 foot 2x4s to front and back. Glue and screw them to boxes.
  17. Build a ladder by cutting 2x4s 24 inches long and set at 12 inches apart starting from the ground. Glue and screw the 2x4s to the ends.
  18. Safety railings should be built and should measure 3 inches up on the side of the 4x4s on the top bunk. Glue and screw the rest of the 2x6s to the sides.

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