My Grandson’s Favorite Toy

The Kettler Cat Kid Tractor

First of all, this review of the Kettler Cat Kid Tractor is written from a grandpa’s perspective. Like other boys, our son loves any kind truck, tractor, or other construction toy. I have to first say that WOW, what a cool toy the Kettler Cat Kid Tractor is. At my age, this is the kind of toy I wish was around when I was a little boy.

The very first thing you’ll notice is the quality of the tractor. I mean, it’s really solid and I don’t see how it wouldn’t last for many years. High quality ride-on outdoor toys like this have the advantage of high resale value after your kiddo has outgrown it. I also like the fact that it’s safe and cannot be easily tipped over. This kids toy tractor is designed for ages 2 to 4 and has a maximum capacity of 50 lbs. Let me just say that 50 pounds is quite conservative… (yes, I kind of sat on it). 

 (video above is of a similar tractor with a backhoe)

The Kettler Cat Kid Tractor has a functional front loader scoop that can scoop up just about anything imaginable: dirt, snow, branches, cat, older sister (ok maybe not), or whatever else your little construction worker decides on. At the rear of the tractor is a detachable trailer to haul all sort of other things. Recently, we were out working in our yard weeding. Instead of a wheelbarrow (boring!), we had tossed weeds and small branches in the back of the Kettler Cat’s trailer and had our son take them to the other side of the yard to unload. He loved being able to help out.

So does our grandson like it? Let’s just say we have a hard time getting him in the house some days. Even his sister loves playing with it and sometimes we feel the need to get her a similar ride-on toy as well. Since it is technically his toy, his sister is more than happy to play on her Wind Rider glider swing (also great!) until it’s her turn. Toys like the Kettler Cat Kid Tractor are great in that it keeps the kids playing outside and using their imagination. All in all, our son loves it and it’s one of those purchases you feel good about instead of regretting.

Any Negatives?

Well, I have to admit, the Kettler Cat doesn’t exactly come with the best instructions. I’ve assembled enough toys, play sets, and furniture in my life to know that once in a while, I manufacturer comes out with a great product but not-so-great instructions. With a little help from Google, I got it assembled without a hitch. The most important part is to make sure the base for the front wheels is facing the right direction. If buying as a birthday or Christmas gift, I’d recommend assembling it the day prior just in case. Nothing worse than having your child get all excited about the gift and then not being able to use it a couple hours later. For me, it took a little under an hour to assemble.

You will have to check for yourself, but we found the best deal at Amazon. We originally were going to get it at the local Toys R Us who also had it for sale but the price was around $30 higher and we probably would have had a hard time fitting it in our car due to the size of the box. With Amazon, we saved money and had it delivered right to our front door in a few days. Did I mention shipping is free and we were not charged sales tax? For the money, the Kettler Cat Kid Tractor is a fantastic toy.

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